Reporting Hesitancy Project
Survey #1


Many are uncomfortable about reporting adverse reactions after vaccination. This survey seeks to learn why people are hesitant to report vaccine side effects. Please provide answers based on your personal experience or imagine if a close friend were to have a bad reaction to a vaccine, and answer based on that.

This survey is for humans only, please!

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The questions below are meant to solicit gut reactions. We are interested in your spontaneous responses to these questions. Your answers may surprise you. We expect to be surprised. Please don't censor your thoughts.

Someone you know recently received a vaccine and they experienced an unusual reaction requiring medical care.

Do you ask if it could be related to the vaccine? If no, why not?

Imagine you received a vaccine last week and you've had strange, never before experienced, pain or other symptoms. You bring it up to your friends or family.

What might they say?

As in the last question, imagine you received a vaccine last week and you've had strange, never before experienced, pain or other symptoms. But this time, you bring it up to your doctor.

What might your doctor say?

This question refers to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and equivalent programs in other countries.

When people talk about VAERS, what do they typically say?

Questions about VAERS or your country's Adverse Event Reporting System. If you don't know the answer, please guess.

Have you heard of VAERS? Do you know what VAERS is?

Who is allowed to file a VAERS report?

Is there a fee required to file?

Do you need your doctor's permission?

Must "causality" be proven/confirmed?

You are distressed by a sudden or lingering illness, and believe it is linked to a recent vaccine.

If you decide not to file a report with VAERS--what might be your reason?

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